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Pixel Film Studios – ProMatte – Matte Tools Plug-in For Final Cut Pro X macOS

Pixel film studios promatte for fcpx icon
Name Pixel Film Studios – ProMatte.dmg
Size 4.30 MB
Created on 2018-04-15 10:16:56
Hash 07bdd5fa1a35c77ca6fd710c31df65061a220b4d
Files Pixel Film Studios – ProMatte.dmg (4.30 MB)

Descriptions for Pixel Film Studios – ProMatte Plug-in For Final Cut Pro X macOS

Pixel Film Studios brings film makers a new fantastic tool for matte masking in Final Cut Pro X. PROMATTE gives users the ability to aplha or luma matte mask any transparent image or logo allowing their image to see through to the next. Perfect for any type of project, PROMATTE is the perfect addition to any Final Cut Pro users tool library.

Web Site: http://store.pixelfilmstudios.com/product/promatte/

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Masking Tools with ProMatte in Final Cut Pro X

Masking logos has never been easier

Pixel Film Studios - ProMatte

Masking logos with either video clips or image textures has never been easier in FCPX. PROMATTE is the ultimate tool that allows users to mask and transparent logo or shape image with a few clicks of mouse, allowing time saving professional techniques without sacrificing quality.

Scale your image up or down

Pixel Film Studios - ProMatte

Resize any logo with easy controls in PROMATTE. Simple keyframe animation sliders let you pan your image in and out without any effort. Achieve animated professional styles in seconds, and at any skill level.

On-Screen Placement & Rotational Controls

Pixel Film Studios - ProMatte

PROMATTE gives users quickly accessible on-screen controls that make rotating and placing your images and videos easy. Rotate mattes in full 360 degrees giving users the ability the match angles or artistic styles.

Designed For FCPX

Pixel Film Studios - ProMatte

Specially designed for Final Cut Pro X. Alpha and Luminance Mattes have never been easier to apply in FCPX. Simply apply the desired effect to the clip, and add the transparent image to the effects included dropzone. All the other controls lie in the inspector window, allowing easy navigation through the application process.