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OS X El Capitan Virtualbox ova image

Os x el capitan virtualbox ova image icon
Name osx-elcapitan-vm-ova
Size 8.65 GB
Created on 2017-03-18 07:21:20
Hash 138d34dc62de2373aacdcc51c3743e47e8bc0e74
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OS X El Capitan Virtualbox ova image

VirtualBox OSX El Capitan appliance.

OS X El Capitan gives you even more simple and convenient ways to solve everyday problems on the Mac.

For example, to work in multiple applications simultaneously. Look for the information. Open the tab with your favorite sites. Check email.

Take notes, and more

Improvements to the system level make your Mac more quickly and efficiently in all the most common matters from opening a PDF file to access your mail.

A new Metal kernel for Mac, you get even more smooth graphics in games, and resource-intensive applications throughout the system.

In OS X El Capitan everything happens quickly: access to mail, launch applications, switch between them and much more.

This, at first glance, little things make the Mac easier and more convenient to use. And now appeared on the Mac Metal technology.