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NeoFinder Business 7.0

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Created on 2017-01-04 22:42:48
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Name: NeoFinder
Version: 7.0
Released: December 7th, 2016
Developer: Norbert M. Doerner
Mac Platform: Intel
OS Version: OS X 10.7 or later
Processor type(s) & speed: 64-bit processor
Includes: Crack
Web Site: http://www.cdfinder.de/en/info.html


An easy to use media cataloger for Mac OS X that automatically indexes all video or audio content stored on drives or disks connected to your computer.
Apple’s Finder application is great for managing all sorts of files, but when dealing with media content, being able to quickly preview the data will greatly reduce the processing time. NeoFinder is a Mac OS X application designed to help you manage your media collections in a more intuitive and efficient manner.
Scan and catalog the media content from various volumes
Right off the bat, you must decide which volumes or folders should be indexed and NeoFinder will automatically generate a new catalog for each new location.
Via the NeoFinder Cataloging Settings window allows you to decide which type of files should retain the metadata info, specify the archives that should be indexed (disk images, ZIP, Stuffit, RAR, or TAR archives), or the elements to be ignored (invisible items, alias files, package contents, or Finder labels).
Browse your media catalogs or take advantage of the powerful search capabilities
In the NeoFinder main window you can navigate your catalogs in icon, list or columns mode: simply select one of the included file, and the app displays the thumbnail if available, all the detected metadata, and details about the current catalog. In addition, you can visualize geotagged images on a map, or assign geographic info to your photo.
Moreover, you can choose to browse the included data via smart folders: the app comes with predefined smart folders but also allows you to create your own by defining specific sorting rules.
The same workflow is used to help you find specific files: you get to define the search location, the file kind, take into account the file name, duration, path, tags, creation or modification date, and much more.
Streamlined cataloger for large media collections
NeoFinder can be used to scan your entire media collection, even if it is stored on multiple volumes. Since the app is able to detect the embedded metadata, it will prove to be a great tool for sorting or finding media content.

What’s new in NeoFinder 7.0

December 7th, 2016
New features and improvements:
・New clean and dark or white user interface
・NeoFinder can now directly edit Adobe XMP (IPTC) metadata, both internal (for supported file formats) and external sidecar XMP
・NeoFinder now supports Ratings for photo, video, and prepress files. Both in cataloging, and in editing and searching
・NeoFinder now fully supports editing XMP Keywords, including a controlled vocabulary list of all your keywords
・Previews of audio files (NeoFinder is again the first tool to even offer this). Generate 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30 second sound snippets, and play them in the Inspector
・New Details View is a mix of List View and Icon view with more details
・New Cataloging engine that is 20% faster, and can handle more modern file systems better
・New Database engine with improved performance
・Catalog Backblaze B2 storage buckets directly from within NeoFinder (requires Mac OS X 10.9 or newer)
・Put your catalogs in the web with the new Web Gallery for a nice HTML web export (Business License) with details page and thumbnails, both in Icon and List style
・Groups for Smart Folders and Albums: Organise your Albums and Smart Folders in groups, and even put groups into groups
・You can even edit keywords, ratings, and XMP fields for multiple selected items at once
・Compare pictures, and find similar motives, or different versions of the same image
・Get place name information for items with a Geotag, and optionally write this into the image
・New extended database file format that can handle much more than 4 GB of data per cataloged volume
・New Item menu in the main menu bar puts Ratings, Labels, and other item related options in one central place
・NeoFinder now remembers your Cataloging Preferences inside of each catalog, and uses them for an Update. You can edit them in the Inspector
・AutoUpdater also uses the saved Cataloging Preferences, and allows you to change them
・New View Settings window with optional 13pt font size, and all options for the four different View styles
・List View now has all the IPTC/XMP columns, too
・Thumbnails of photos and movies and now be 1024, 2048, and even 4096 px in size! This requires the new, extended catalog format to be activated
・New XML export with optional thumbnails (Business License)
・The Icon View now has a second line of text with helpful details for every file and folder
・Improved Inspector with Find context menu for many data fields, to find similar items quickly
・Much improved handling when the NeoFinder database folder is write protected. NeoFinder now first checks that when trying to catalog a disk, and will immediately show an error message. In that case, the selected NeoFinder database folder is also automatically revealed in the Finder, so you can check and adjust the access privileges
・Easier installation: NeoFinder now automatically moves itself to /Applications, if you want this
・Find items by Month or Date in any year
・You can now open multiple selected items at once with a double click
・Finding all photos, movies, or songs in a folder and all sub folders now also works for entire catalogs (in the context menu)
・It is now possible to sort the Column View with the little menu underneath it, just like the Icon View and the new Details View
・Sorting with the Sort Menu is now also possible by Kind, Rating, Comment, Path, and Label
・The Wikipedia Inspector can now copy the description text directly into the XMP caption of the selected file
・If you rename a file in the Finder from within NeoFinder, it will automatically rename a suitable sidecar file automatically
・New command in the context menu to Select All Duplicates in the results window of a Find Duplicates command
・NeoFinder now uses the new EXIFTool version 10.12 for geotagging
・After using the Tab key to get to the next edit field, Inspector always makes sure that this new edited field is actually visible
・NeoFinder now catalogs the video codec of video files, and displays it in the Inspector
・NeoFinder now catalogs thumbnails and metadata of ".webm" video files, if ffmpeg is installed
・When using ffmpeg to catalog video thumbnails, NeoFinder now also tries to find a sidecar XMP file with metadata
・Improved handling of "find date is after" or "before" for all date related searches
・The Spotlight search now also deals with Keyword or Tag parameters, and finds the suitable items from your disks
・Improved handling of ID3 tags in MP3 files created by certain Windows and Mac software
・You can now minimize all progress windows into the dock
・Improved accessibility
・Many many further improvements and little fixes