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Chasing Light – Hansel and Gretel 2 (Photoshop Actions)

Chasing light hansel and gretel 2 icon
Name Chasing_Light-Hansel_and_Gretel_2.zip
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Created on 2017-01-02 03:25:49
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Files Chasing_Light-Hansel_and_Gretel_2.zip (2.78 kB)


Name: Chasing Light – Hansel and Gretel 2
Web Site: http://www.chasinglightactions.com/ps-actions/hansel-and-gretel-1


These photoshop actions can be used for virtually any style of image. Initially I created these actions for my “Fairytale” style images I do for children.
They can take a shot that was taken in broad daylight and turn it to night. They are very deep and capable of many looks and feels.I have had several photographers now tell me this is their favorite! Surprising the styles of images I have seen processed with it.I love the creativity people have!